The Best Home Rewiring Expert in Woodland Hills

In Woodland Hills there are lots of older homes with old residential wiring behind the walls. Older forms or residential wiring used methods like knob and tube, aluminum wiring and Romex cloth-wrapped wiring. Those methods are old, out of date, and incapable of handling the demands that modern life requires of residential wiring. That’s why we here at My Woodland Hills Electrician Hero are experts in doing house rewire jobs effectively and efficiently so that there is as little inconvenience in your life as possible.

Why is a home rewiring important?

That old wiring can get worn out. When you put the demands of modern electronics on that older wiring, which was not designed to handle it, you risk that the older residential wiring will short and cause a fire. An electrical fire can be devastating to your home. Also, older wiring also uses non-grounded, two-hole electrical sockets. Those pose a serious electrical shock hazard and should be replaced.

How does it work?

We make sure that the wiring inside your home is removed through small holes we make in the walls. That means there is no need to tear down entire walls inside your home. We also work one room at a time and that means we don’t have to shut off the power in your entire house for days on end.

How long does it take?

It takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the job.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the amount of residential wiring we have to remove and the amount of wiring we have to put back in. So, the first step is to always get an estimate done first and we can give you an accurate assessment of the job.

What now?

You just need to call us. We will get an electrician out to your Woodland Hills home right away. We will do a free estimate and then we can move ahead with residential rewiring in Woodland Hills, CA. Call one of our expert electricians today!